What Are The Advantages Of Listening To Others ?

What Are The Advantages Of Listening To Others ?                  
Words by Mr Kevin Mayer,
Entrepreneur: www.kmayer.co

Today, I felt like writing. I wanted to share my thoughts on how important it is to listen. Normally, I listen much more than I talk. This is something I’ve been doing for as long as I can remember. 
A couple of years ago, I realized the advantage of listening to someone, like your business partners, clients, future clients, and even your life partner. At first, I used to think it was some type of a weakness. In addition, the people in my life were, unconsciously, making me feel that it was a weakness. However, I quickly realized that we are all different. 
Some people prefer to be loud because they desire attention, since they may have a lack of confidence or simply have an ego issue. Others just like to talk all the time, and we need those people, too. They are interesting sometimes. I realized that having these two types of personalities doesn’t necessarily mean it is a weakness. After reflection, I considered myself an extravert (listener). I talk less, and listen more. However, when I talk, I can really talk. If you give me a microphone in front of a crowd, I will rock it. If you put me in front of potential leads, I will sell them a solution to their problem. If I can build a team, I can inspire and motivate them with my life philosophies and experiences, so they can work to their full potential. 

Why is listening a great tool to have? 
First, listening has a positive impact for the other person you are interacting with. Everyone likes to be heard. It makes everyone feels good, and it allows you to understand the other person’s point of view much easier. 
For your health, studies have shown that attentive listening can bring your blood pressure down, whereas speaking raises it. It provides you with a better perspective of the environment you are in. When you are listening, you are more aware of everyone’s non-verbal communication. This can provide you with additional information about the conversation you are having, and you can use it at your advantage. 
When you are selling something and you are really focused, stop talking and just listen to their needs. No one has the time or wants to hear your bullshit. 
Selling is not done by just saying, rather by doing. You must provide examples and take action with them. Ask questions, listen, and inspire them. You will soon realize what a great team you can build. 
At the end of the day, we are all humans; we like to be heard. Everyone has a voice and everyone has their time to talk. 
Now, next time you meet a quieter person, remember this, they can surprise you much quicker than you think   
Take the time to really listen, and you will start seeing magic happening in your life.


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