Meet A Gentleman

Meet A Gentleman Ep. 08 with Alex Langlois

At just 24, Alexander Langlois is already consider to be a Serial Entrepreneur. His latest project is simply the future of fitness. A European concept that is medically approved, Studio X Montreal uses Electrical Muscle Stimulation combined with interval training to achieve unprecedented fitness and body shaping results up to twelve times faster than traditional methods.

Meet A Gentleman Ep. 07 with Na'eem Adam

On the 7th Episode of #MeetAGentleman we discuss with Na'eem Adam about entrepreneurship and his unique way to connect marketing and his love for food. Find out more about Mr. Adam by visiting:

Meet A Gentleman Ep. 06 with Eddy King Part 1 of 4

**French Interview** C'est dans le somptueux bureau de Gilbert Rozon, fondateur de Juste pour rire​, que s'est déroulé l'entretien de Chris Kabeya​ avec le comédien et humoriste Eddy King​. Lors de cette première partie, il parle entre autres de son style humoristique, les éléments qui ont fait naître sa passion pour l'humour et les stéréotypes à l'égard des personnes de couleur.

Meet A Gentleman Ep. 05 with Jordan Lajoie

Probably one of the most passionate guest we had thus far, Jordan is a true artist. His journey began a couple of years ago while he was working in Australia and fell in love with what was going to become his passion! He began stitching and crafting new sets of skills that will ultimately led him to found @chezlajoie back in 2014.

Meet A Gentleman Ep. 04 with Levon Tachtchian

''We like to make our clients feel part of The Family''
On the 4th Episode of #MAG we discuss with Levon Tachtchian about Mantelier's unique concept, How he got the idea & Coming to Canada at the age of 11 years old. For more informations please visit their website:

Meet A Gentleman Ep. 03 with Thomas Vernis

''I don't understand people that are miserable at their job.''
On the 3rd Episode of #MAG we had the chance to sit down with Thomas Vernis, founder of The Tomahawk Group. His resume include: Santos Bar, Dolcetto & Co. Tommy Café & NoirFluo Creative Hospitality. For more informations visit:

Meet A Gentleman Ep. 02 with Setiz Taheri

On the 2nd Episode of #MAG we had the chance to sit down with Setiz Taheri, one of the 3 Co-founder @AtelierNewRegime a High End streetwear brand based in Montreal:

Meet A Gentleman Ep. 01 with Joey Tozzi

On the 1st Episode of #MAG we had the chance to sit down with Joey Tozzi, founder of Boutique Tozzi a High End fashion store based in Montreal: